Prospective Simonsbergers

General information for incoming first years

Simonsberg is a residence rich in tradition and a trendsetter on campus. We receive approximately 100 first years annually, and each first year is placed with a roommate.

In your first few weeks at Simonsberg, you will embark on our welcoming programme, especially put together by the House Committee (HK) to ensure that first years are familiarised with our ethos, our values, and our traditions. The welcoming period is a fun time where relationships are built and memories are made while you settle into residence life. Within this time, first years get to select a Mentor, a senior Simonsberger who will assist them throughout the welcoming period and the rest of the year with their all-round adjustment to university life.

Before classes start, first years will have the opportunity to participate in the annual “Vensters” charity event alongside another residence. Simonsberg is paired with a different Connect partner for Vensters every year, and this is an ideal opportunity for first years to meet new people outside of the residence.

A major highlight of each and every Simonsberger's year is the Simonsberg Metropolitan, also known simply as the Met. It is the oldest residence tradition in Stellenbosch and is also known as one of the largest student organized events in the Southern Hemisphere.

At the end of the welcoming period, the House Committee take the first-year group to climb the Simonsberg. This is awesome experience and a great way to end off the welcoming period. 

Om deel te wees van Simonsberg Manskoshuis is 'n eer en 'n voorreg wat min mense gegun word. Slegs die beste uit die beste word gekies om te verseker dat Simonsberg die voorloper op die Stellenbosch kampus bly.

Daar word jaarliks ongeveer 100 eerstejaars studente gekies om in Simonsberg te bly. Elke eerstejaar Simonsberger deel 'n kamer met 'n ander eerstejaar.

Tydens die eerste paar weke van die jaar word 'n verwelkomings tydperk aangebied waardeur eerstejaar Simonsbergers vergewis word met al die koshuis se waardes en tradisies. Die waardes en etos waarmee elke Simonsberger homself handel lui:
"Respek vir die fisiese gebou van Simonsberg"
"Respek vir die naam van Simonsberg"
"Respek vir elke mede-Simonsberger"
Die etos van Simonsberg: "Noblesse Oblige" - Die adeldom stel verpligtinge

'n Eerstejaars rugby toernooi word ook deur Maties rugbyklub gehou waarin jaarliks deelgeneem word. Seniors van die koshuis is ook gereeld daar om die eerstejaars van die kantlyn af te ondersteun. Daar word ook 'n atletiek byeenkoms gehou waar eerstejaar atlete meeding teen atlete van die ander koshuise. Die wat nie deelneem nie neem deel aan die sogenaamde "Gees-beker" wat Simonsberg al menigte kere gewen het in die afgelope paar jaar. Simonsberg se seniors kom ook na hierdie byeenkoms toe om te ondersteun en is die enigste koshuis op kampus wat dit doen.

Vir die twee weke voordat klas begin word daar aan MAD2 deelgeneem. MAD2 staan vir "Making A Decision to Make A Difference", en dit is waar studente aan die gemeenskap iets teruggee vir die voorreg om op Matieland te kan studeer. Daar is verskeie aktiwiteite waaraan deelgeneem word, maar die grootste hiervan is "Vensters". Dit is altyd groot pret en 'n belangrike aspek van die verwelkomingsprogram waar studente hulle mede-Simonsbergers, sowel as ander studente op kampus leer ken.

Een van die hoogtepunte van elke Simonsberger se jaar is die Simonsberg Metropolitan. Dit is die oudste koshuis tradisie op Stellenbosch. Dit word egter nie beperk tot Simonsbergers nie en mense van die hele Stellenbosch omgewing woon die funksie by.

Ter afsluiting van die verwelkomingstydperk is daar die tradisie dat elke eerstejaar student Simonsberg uitklim. Om daar bo te wees met 100 ander Simonsbergers, wat intussen al goeie vriende is, is 'n belewenis wat vir ewig by 'n Simonsberger bly.

Being part of Simonsberg Men's Residence is an honor and a privilege that a select few receive. Only the best of the best are chosen to ensure that Simonsberg remains the forerunner on the Stellenbosch campus in as many areas as possible.

About 100 first-year students are chosen to stay in Simonsberg each year and each first-year is placed with another first year. Combinations of roommates are carefully chosen by the Huis Kommittee and the Mentors

For the first few weeks of the year, a welcoming program has been put together for the new Simonsbergers, ensuring our first-years are familiarized with our ethos, our values and our traditions. Just to shed some light on this, our ethos is "Noblesse Oblige"-"Privilege Entails Responsibility",some of our traditions include climbing the mountain once a year, singing the Simonsberg Huislied and wearing the traditional bloupakkie and these are our values:

"Respect for the name of Simonsberg"

"Respect for every fellow Simonsberger"

"Respect for the physical building of Simonsberg"

A first-year rugby tournament is also hosted by Maties Rugby Club, which we participate in every year. Seniors of the residence are also regularly there to support our teams from the sidelines. There is also an athletics event where first year athletes compete against athletes from other residences. Those who do not participate in the major event, can also take part in the "Spirit Cup" which Simonsberg has won many times over the last few years. Simonsberg's seniors are also present at this event as with many of the other Simonsberg events which is something that is rather rare in many of the other men's residances.

Two weeks before class starts, MAD2 begins. MAD2 stands for Making A Decision to Make A Difference, this is where students are given an opportunity to give back to the community. There are several activities to take part in, but the biggest of these is "Vensters", which is known to be an extremely memorable and joyful event for the whole of campus. It is also an important aspect of the welcoming program where first-years get to know their fellow Simonsbergers Seniors, as well as other students on campus.

Another major highlight of each and every Simonsberger's year is the Simonsberg Metropolitan. It is the oldest residence tradition in Stellenbosch and is also known as one of the largest student organized events in the Southern Hemisphere.

At the end of the welcoming period there is the tradition where every first-year student climbs Simonsberg. To be there with 100 other Simonsbergers, who by this time are already good friends, is an experience that stays with a Simonsberger forever.

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