Previous Series

These are seminar series that we have held in previous years.

Indexing The Human

Indexing the Human: From Classification to a Critical Politics of Recognition is a programme of seminars, workshops and collaborative learning opportunities intended to provoke a re-thinking of the past and future of social anthropology and the human sciences at Stellenbosch and in the region. This project was funded by the Mellon foundation in 2014–2015; please check the project website for further details.

NSF (New Social Forms) seminars 

NSF (New Social Forms) seminars investigates new social forms and experimental communities in South Africa and beyond. South African examples include international crime syndicates and gangs, anti-crime vigilante groups such as Pagad and Mapogo, new globally connected social movements, transnational advocacy networks, CBOs and NGOs such as Treatment Action Campaign (TAC) and the SA Homeless People’s Federation, new religious and occult movements, changes in family and household structures, new sexual cultures and so on.

This series is aimed at a university-wide audience and both external and departmental speakers are invited to address it.

Transforming Stellenbosch

We are interested in encouraging seminars based on research/pedagogic practices/debates and discussions about Stellenbosch (the university and town) and other universities in SA, with implications for thinking about, developing our understanding of and promoting transformation.