Associa te Professor at the Department of Organization Sciences, University of Amsterdam

Scientific Director of CERES, Research School for Resource Studies for Development, the Netherlands

PhD, Amsterdam, 2003

Ongoing Interests: Governance, social transformations, public-private partnerships, nature conservation, land governance, land reform, agrarian changes. Editor of the SAVUSA-ASC book series published by Brill Publishers, member of the editorial board of Ecology and Society. 

Selected Publications:

  • Bologna, S.A. & M. Spierenburg (2015) False legitimacies: The rhetoric of economic opportunities in the expansion of conservation areas in Southern Africa. In: V.R. van der Duim, M.A.J. Lamers & J.J. van Wijk (Eds.) Institutional arrangements for conservation and tourism in Eastern and Southern Africa: A dynamic perspective. New York: Springer, 119-138.
  • Spierenburg, M.J. & S.J. Brooks (2014) Private game farming and its social consequences in post-apartheid South Africa: Contestations over wildlife, property and agrarian futures, Journal of Contemporary African Studies, 32(2), 151-172.
  • Tengö, M., E.S. Brondizio, T. Elmqvist, P. Malmer & M. Spierenburg (2014) Connecting Diverse Knowledge Systems for Enhanced Ecosystem Governance: The Multiple Evidence Base Approach, Ambio, 43, 579-591
  • Daniels, T., A. Muhar, A. Arnberger, O. Aznar, J.W. Boyd, K.M.A. Chan, R. Costanza, T. Elmqvist, C.G. Flint, P.H. Gobster, A. Grêt-Regamey, R. Lave, S. Muhar, M. Penker, R.G. Ribe, T. Schauppenlehner, T. Sikor, I. Soloviy, M. Spierenburg, K. Taczanowska, J. Tam, & A. von der Dunk (2012) Contributions of cultural services to the ecosystem services agenda, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, 109(23): 8812-8819.
  • Ramutsindela, M., M. Spierenburg & H. Wels (2011) Sponsoring nature: Environmental philanthropy for nature conservation, London: Earthscan/Routledge.


Professor and Chair of the Sociology of Development and Change group, Wageningen University. The Netherlands.

Ph.D. (Cum Laude) in Political Science / Anthropology, VU University Amsterdam, The Netherlands, 2008

Selected Publications:

Books / edited work

  • Büscher, Bram, Wolfram Dressler and Robert Fletcher (2014). Nature™ Inc: Environmental Conservation in the Neoliberal Age. Tuscon: University of Arizona Press.
  • Büscher, Bram (2013). Transforming the Frontier. Peace Parks and the Politics of Neoliberal Conservation in Southern Africa. Durham: Duke University Press.
  • Büscher, Bram and Veronica Davidov (2013). The Ecotourism – Extraction Nexus: Political Economies and Rural Realities of (un)Comfortable Bedfellows. London: Routledge.
  • Arsel, Murat and Bram Büscher (eds.) (2012, forthcoming). Forum issue. Development and Change 43, 1.
  • Büscher, Bram and Murat Arsel (eds.) (2011/2012, forthcoming). Neoliberal Conservation and Uneven Geographical Development. Exploring the changing nature of capitalist modernity in Nature-Society interactions. Special feature of Journal of Economic and Social Geography.
  • Magole, Lapologang, Stephen Turner and Bram Büscher (eds.) (2010). Cross Commons Governance in Southern Africa. Special feature of International Journal of the Commons 4, 2: 602-682. Online: http://www.thecommonsjournal.org/.
  • Büscher, Bram, Conrad Steenkamp and William Wolmer (eds.) (2007). The politics of engagement between biodiversity conservation and the social sciences. Special section of Conservation and Society 5, 1: 1-114. Online: www.conservationandsociety.org.

Articles in peer reviewed journals

  • Büscher, Bram (2012). Payments for Ecosystem Services as Neoliberal Conservation: (reinterpreting) Evidence from the Drakensberg, South Africa. Conservation and Society.
  • Büscher, Bram, Sian Sullivan, Katja Neves, Jim Igoe, and Dan Brockington (2012). Towards a Synthesized Critique of Neoliberal Biodiversity Conservation. Capitalism, Nature Socialism.
  • Büscher, Bram and Murat Arsel (2011/2012, forthcoming). Introduction: Capitalist modernity, neoliberal conservation and uneven geographical development. Journal of Economic and Social Geography.
  • Büscher, Bram (2011/2012). The Political Economy of Africa‟s Natural Resources and the „Great Financial Crisis‟. Journal of Economic and Social Geography.
  • Büscher, Bram and Wolfram Dressler (2011, in press). Commodity Conservation. The restructuring of community conservation in South Africa and the Philippines. Geoforum.
  • Büscher, Bram and Elna de Beer (2011). The Contemporary Paradox of Long-term Planning for Social-Ecological Change and its Effects on the Discourse-Practice Divide: Evidence from Southern Africa. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management 54, 3: 301-318.

Medicine and Human Rights in cross-cultural perspective. Masters in Medical Anthropology and Sociology (MAS), University of Amsterdam.

PhD Social Anthropology, University of Amsterdam

Selected Publications:

  • Human, O & Cilliers, P. 2013. Towards and economy of complexity: Derrida, Morin and Bataille. Theory, Culture and Society (forthcoming).
  • Presier, R; Cilliers; P & Human, O. 2013. Deconstruction and Complexity: A critical economy. South African Journal of Philosophy (forthcoming).
  • Human, O. 2012. The polyvalence of human rights: Notes on the Treatment Action Campaign in the struggle for anti-retroviral drugs and state politics in South Africa. Stichproben: Vienna Journal of African Studies 23.
  • Human, O & Robins, S. 2012. FIFA 2010 and the elusive spirit of communitas: a return to Victor Turner? Anthropology Southern Africa.
  • Human, O & Robins, S. 2012. Social movements and biopolitical states: A study of humanitarian aid in Cape Town 2008. Culture & Organization.
  • Human, O. 2011. The rings around Jonathan’s eyes: HIV medicine at the margins of administration. Medical Anthropology 30(2).

Book Chapter(s)

  • Human, O.2012. The rings around Jonathan’s eyes: HIV medicine at the margins of Administration. In Medicine and the Politics of knowledge. Levine, S (editor). Cape Town: HSRC Press.

Professor Emeritus, Dalhousie University, Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology

Academic Director, Atlantic Research Data Centre

Ph.D. University of Wisconsin – Sociology, 1968

Selected Publications:

  • 2012 Assessing the Quality of Survey Data (with Jörg Blasius). London: Sage
  • 2011 “Assessing financial, cultural, and motivational influences on postsecondary education participation.” Manuscript prepared for Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.
  • 2010 “Bridging and bonding social capital: Computer and internet use among youth in relation to their cultural identities” (with E. Dianne Looker). In E. Dianne Looker and Ted. D. Naylor (eds.) Digital Diversity: Youth Equity, and Information Technology. Wilfred Laurier Press
  • 2009 “Identity, Equity, and Performance: Mathematics and Reading Literacy in Nova Scotia Public Schools.” Manuscript prepared for Nova Scotia Department of Education.
  • 2009 “The processes linking parental socio-economic status to cognitive skill development of children between 6 and 18 years of age: An assessment of 2 the current literature.” Manuscript prepared for Human Resources and Skills Development Canada.
  • 2009 “Facts and artifacts in cross-national research: The case of political efficacy and trust” (with Jörg Blasius). In Max Haller and Tom Smith (eds.) Charting the Globe. The International Social Survey Programme 1984-2009. Routledge.
  • 2009 “The pursuit of post-secondary education: A comparison of First Nations, African, Asian, and European Canadian youth.” Canadian Review of Sociology. 46 (1):5-37

Postdoctoral Research Associate in Population Studies, Brown University.

PhD, Johns Hopkins University, 2013


Ongoing interests: Kinship and Family, Critical global health studies, HIV/AIDS, humanitarian interventions, Science and technology studies, ethics

Selected publications:

  • 2015. “Category and Kin in Crisis: Classifying the ‘vulnerable child’ in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.” Studies in Comparative International Development. 50(4): 539-560
  • “‘Making known’ or ‘counting our children’?. Constructing and caring for children in epidemic South Africa.” Medicine, Anthropology, Theory, 1(1): 114-143.
  • 2014. “Low-Hanging Fruit”: Counting and Accounting for Children in PEPFAR-funded HIV/AIDS Programs in South Africa. Global Public Health:
  • 2013. “Knowledge, Intimacy and Social Relations: The Gift of Blood in HIV research in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.” Social Science and Medicine, 77: 118-125. (with Thomas Cousins, Marie-Louise Newell, and John Imrie)


Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Email: scroese@sun.ac.za

PhD, Stellenbosch University, 2013

Research Interests: Housing; urban development; local governance; electoral politics; Angola; Lusophone Africa; China-Africa; South-South relations; state and development theory; political sociology; qualitative research methods

Selected Publications:

  • (forthcoming) Croese, Sylvia . State-led housing delivery as an instrument of developmental patrimonialism: The case of post-war Angola. African Affairs.
  • (forthcoming) Croese, Sylvia and Pitcher, Anne Turbo-Suburbanism in a Post-conflict African City – Luanda, Angola. In Infinite Suburbia. Edited by Alan Berger and Joel Kotkin. Boston: MIT Press
  • (forthcoming) Croese, Sylvia and Ovadia, Jesse. Post-war Angola: the dual nature of growth without development in an oil-rich state. In Herbert Jauch and Godfrey Kanyenze, eds. The state of the state in Southern Africa: a need for a developmental intervention. Labour and Economic Development Research Institute of Zimbabwe (LEDRIZ) and Open Society for Southern Africa (OSISA).
  • (forthcoming) Croese, Sylvia. Magnificent and beggar land. Angola since the civil war (book review). South African Journal of International Affairs.
  • (2015) Croese, Sylvia. Inside the government, but outside the law: residents’ committees, public authority and twilight governance in post-war Angola. Journal of Southern African Studies 41 (2), 405-2012417.
  • (2013) Croese, Sylvia. Uncovering African agency. Angola’s management of China’s credit lines (book review). South African Journal of International Affairs 20 (3), pp. 460-462.
  • (2012) Croese, Sylvia. 1 million houses? Angola’s national reconstruction and Chinese engagement. In Marcus Power and Ana Cristina Alves, eds. China and Angola. A marriage of convenience? Oxford: Pambazuka Press, pp. 124-144.

Post-doctoral Research Fellow

Email: dchinigo@sun.ac.za

PhD, University of Bologna, 2011.

Postdoctoral Fellow within the SARChI Research Chair in “The Sociology of Land, Environment, and Sustainable Development

Ongoing Interests: Science and technology studies; Governance and politics of resources; Social production of time and space; Political economy of agrarian transformation.

Selected Publications:

  • Chinigò, D. (2016) (ed.), ‘The New Harvest. Agrarian Policies and Rural Transformation in Southern Africa’, Issue 3(2015), Afriche e Orienti.
  • Chinigò, D. (2016), ‘Rural Radicalism and the Historical Land Conflict in the Malawian Tea Economy’, Journal of Southern African Studies, 42, n. 2.
  • Chinigò, D. (2016), ‘Re-Peasantisation and Land Reclamation Movements in Malawi’, African Affairs, vol. 115, issue 458, pp. 97–118.
  • Chinigò, D. (2015), ‘Historicising Agrarian Transformation. Agricultural commercialization and social differentiation in Wolaita, Southern Ethiopia’, Journal of Eastern African Studies, vol. 9, Issue 2, 193-211.
  • Chinigò, D., Fantini, E. (2015), ‘Thermidor in Ethiopia? Agrarian Transformations between Economic Liberalization and the Developmental State’, EchoGéo, vol. 31, URL: http://echogeo.revues.org/14141
  • Chinigò, D. (2014) ‘The Politics of Land Registration in Ethiopia. Territorializing State Power in the Rural Milieu’, Review of African Political Economy, vol. 42, Issue 144, 174-189.
  • Chinigò, D. (2013) ‘Decentralization and Agrarian Transformation in Ethiopia: Extending the Power of the Federal State’, Critical African Studies, Volume 6, Issue 1, pp. 40-56