Current Students

Current Thesis Topics 2019


ABIYO, T. Language and entity politics in Ethiopian higher education system: a case study of Addis Ababa University. Supervised by Lloyd Hill

DU TOIT, D. “From Employing-a-Maid to Hiring a Maid Brigade: Transformations in Domestic Work and Outsourced Housecleaning Services in Gauteng, South Africa” Supervised by Lindy Heinecken

GOGA, S. “Clothing and becoming Muslim in post-apartheid Johannesburg: the politics of middle class women’s distinction” Supervised by Bernard Dubbeld

HART, T.G.B. “Adoption, Adaption and Rejection: Ethnography of a South African agricultural intervention” Supervised by Steven Robins and Kees van der Waal

IBANGA SANGA, P. The capital city of Kinshasa: The adaption of traditional institutions after independence.Supervised Prof Simon Bekker.

LESTER, C. Commissions of inquiry into state violence in the South African mining sector and state power. Supervised Dr Bernard Dubbeld.

LIRU, P. The influence of Climate change on the Livelihoods of women involved in rural agriculture in Kenya. Supervised Prof Lindy Heinecken.

MALOPE, T. The Contribution of Renewable Energy to “Decent Work” and Local Sustainable Development: A case study of Loeriesfontein, Northern Cape, South Africa. Supervised Prof Cherryl Walker.

MANYANI, A. The emergence, conceptual and institutional development of Socio-Ecological Systems (SES) research. Co-supervised by Lloyd Hill.

MANYANI, C. From Livestock to Game Farming: An exploration of farmers’ understandings of land use changes, sustainable agricultural and biodiversity conversation in the Ubuntu Local Municipality, Northern Cape, South Africa. Supervised by Cherryl Walker.

MCARTHUR, T. “Coloured Masculinities and Schooling” Supervised by Rob Pattman

MEDJO, M. L’influence de l’ethnicite dans le commerce frontalier: Le cas la ville de kye-ossi au cameroun. Supervised by Simon Bekker.

MEYER, T. Social closure: perspectives on career advancement of women lawyers in South Africa. Supervised by Khayaat Fakier.

MOGASHOA, M. Understandings of land and it’s ‘multiple meanings’ in South Africa’s land programme: A case study of the Sydney-on-Vaal land claim in Northern Cape Province. Supervised by Cherryl Walker.

MUTARU, S. Naming the Witch, Housing the Witch and Living with Witchcraft: An Ethnography of Ordinary Lives in Northern Ghana’s Witch Camps. Supervised by Ilana van Wyk.

NUWAMANYA, A. Partitioned Ethnicities and the Peripherality of Borderland Areas: The Batuku Pastoralists on the Uganda DRC Border. Supervised by Steven Robins.

SARUCHERA, M.  Smallholder Farmers’ Understandings of and Responses to Climate Change in Malawi: A Case Study of Mphunga Group Village, Salima District. Supervised by Cherryl Walker.

TERBLANCHE, R.  Ongediertes: A critical qualitative study of the political ecology of black-backed jackal and its management around the Square Kilometre Array core site. Supervised by Cherryl Walker.

VAN DEN BERG, W. Men doing care work home: Exploring men’s participation in shared childcare. Supervised by Khayaat Fakier and Rob Pattman.

WILTSHIRE, A. Social Productive Work. Supervised by Khayaat Fakier and Jan Vorster.

XABA, N.J. “A comparison of Afrikaner empowerment and black economic empowerment: a case study of a South African parastatal” Supervised by Lindy Heinecken