Recent Graduates

These are our recent graduates in the department

Masters Degrees


LOXTON C. Veranderende verhoudings tussen boere en plaaswerkers in post-apartheid Suid-Afrika: paternalisme en formalisering van die werksplek. MA, 2015. Supervisors: Fakier K, Vorster JH.

ROBERTSON MA. “Real men”, “Proper ladies”, and integration in between: An in-depth, qualitative study of social cohesion and discrimination in terms of race and gender within university residences at Stellenbosch University. MA, 2015. Supervisor: Pattman RW.

SMITH M. Youth perceptions and experiences of military service: Factors influencing recruitment. MA, 2015. Supervisor: Heinecken LPT. (thesis awarded Cum Laude)

YANG Y. Producing Post-Apartheid Space: an ethnography of race, place, and subjectivity in Stellenbosch, South Africa . MA, 2015. Supervisor: Dubbeld, BM.


SEABE DS. Understanding volunteerism in South Africa: a mixed methods approach. MA, 2014. 114 pp. Supervisor: Du Plessis JMJ, Burger R.

VAN ROOI WA. The Weblight-District: a study of how women use the internet to work independently as sex workers, their investments in this kind of work, and the challenges this poses. MA, 2014. 135 pp. Supervisor: Pattman RW. (thesis awarded Cum Laude)

WATT, K. Valuing precarious commodities: an ethnography of trade in three charity shops in Cape Metropolitan Area. MA, 2014. 163 pp. Supervisor: Dubbeld BM. (thesis awarded Cum Laude)

ZAGGI HY. Contraceptive knowledge and practices among students in federal polytechnic Kaduna, Nigeria: an exploratory study. MA, 2014. 163 pp. Supervisor: Walker CW.


BASSON I. A Review of Methodological Trends in South African Sociology, 1990-2009. MPhil, 2013. 103 pp. Supervisor: Prozesky HE. (thesis awarded Cum Laude)

BECKETT SE. Environmental concern, Race and Socio-Economic Status in Post Apartheid South Africa, 1996-2006. MA, 2013. 117 pp. Supervisor: Prozesky HE, co-supervisor Vorster JH

DE WINNAAR M. Good in theory but not in practice: Exploring perspectives on Inclusive Education. MA, 2013. 122 pp. Supervisor: Du Plessis JMJ.

HUGO NM. Imagining “Whiteness”: An ethnographic exploration into fantasy and experience of young women seeking muzungu companions in Kampala, Uganda. MA, 2013. 123 pp. Supervisor: Pattman RW. (thesis awarded Cum Laude)

JERAM R. Interpreting the effects of collegiality and collaboration mathematics teachers’ efficacy in a school based professional development programme: A case study. MPhil, 20123. 127 pp. Supervisor: Hill LB.

KOMAKECH G. A Conceptual Model for a Programme Monitoring and Evaluation Information System. MPhil, 2013. 131 pp. Supervisor: Mouton J.

PRINCE L-L.  Above gender: doing drag, performing authentically, and defying the norms of gender through performance in Cape Town. MA, 2013. 94 pp. Supervisor: McDougall K.

SCHROEDER LA. “Who will I be now?”: The lived experience of adolescent sibling bereavement within the school context. MA, 2013. 117 pp. Supervisor: Vorster JH. Co-supervisor: Somhlaba NZ.

SWANEPOEL J. Custodians of the Cape Peninsula: A Historical and Contemporary Ethnography of Urban Conservation in Cape Town.  MA, 2013. 120 pp. Supervisor: Robins SL. (thesis awarded cum laude)

SWARTZ E. Women and the management of household food security in Paternoster. MA, 2013. 103 pp. Supervisor: Walker CJ.

WALTERS H. Treatment through empowerment? The production of “Responsibilised” HIV-positive patients in two HIV/AIDS clinics in the Cape Winelands. MA, 2013. 139 pp. Supervisor: Robins SL. (thesis awarded cum laude)

Doctoral Degrees


CRAFFORD A. Identity in organisations: A methodological study. PhD, 2015. Supervisor: Mouton, J.

INGWANI, E “Land transactions and rural development policy in Domboshavu peri-urban communal area Zimbabwe”  Supervisor: Bekker, S

MANGEZVO PL.  Xenophobia exclusion and masculinities among Zimbabwe male migrants: the case of Cape Town and Stellenbosch. PhD, 2015. Supervisor: Robins SL.

MAYEZA ES. Playing and performing gender: investigating childhood play in gender identity construction among boys and girls in a township school in South Africa. PhD, 2015. Supervisor: Pattman RW.

MDUNYELWA LM. Developmental Local Government: Public Participation as a strategy for sustaining the hostel redevelopment program in hostels in Langa, and Nyanga. PhD, 2015. Supervisor: Bekker SB.

OLIVIER DW.  The physical and social benefits of urban agriculture projects facilitated by non-governmental organisations in Cape Town. PhD, 2015. Supervisor: Heinecken LPT.


HUNGWE E. Land transactions and rural development policy in the Domboshava peri-urban communal area, Zimbabwe. PhD, 2014. 0 pp. Promoter: Bekker SB.

LE ROUX E (LISA). The role of African Christian churches in dealing with sexual violence against women: The case of the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Liberia. DPhil, 2014. 239 pp. Promoter: Heinecken LPT, Claassens LJM.

TSIBANI FG. Water services education and training needs of councilors in the Local Government Development Agenda (LGDA). PhD, 2014. 480 pp. Promoter: Groenewald CJ


CROESE S. Post-war state-led development in Angola. The Zango housing project in Luanda: a case study. PhD, 2013. 204 pp. Promoter: Bekker SB.

SIZIBA G. Language and the politics of identity in South Africa: The case of Zimbabwean (Shona and Ndebele speaking) migrants in Johannesburg. PhD, 2013. 286 pp. Promoter: Hill LB.