Prospective Students


Welcome to Stellenbosch University. You are one of few South African matriculants with the opportunity to study full time at a tertiary institution. Make sure to make the most of it!

As a student at Stellenbosch University, you will automatically form part of a smaller student community – whether as a student in a residence or as a member of a Private Student Organisation (PSO). These smaller student communities create a safe space where you as first year student can develop on a social and academic level.

Feel free to participate. Tutors will be available to help you with your academics. You will be assigned to a mentor who will help you adjust to student life and the House Committee of the PSO or residence will be your link to campus activities such as MAD².

Our goal as the Centre for Student Communities is to help you fully develop as student!




Please consult part 1 (General) of the Calendar of Stellenbosch University for the full information on placement and other policies.