Interesting things (and news) from South Africa

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  • Last week was a really exciting week at Stellenbosch University – Maties Diversity was celebrated. Here is a selection of events:
  • Where is South Africa in terms of the Age of Internet Empires? Mark Graham and Stefano de Sabbata from the Oxford Internet Institute put together a map of the websites visited the most by the respective countries in the world. According to the colonial styled map (see below) South Africa is clearly part of the Google dominion. In terms of the map, Google is the most visited website in 62 countries, while Facebook is the most visited website in 50 countries.

By Mark Graham and Stefano de Sabbata @ Internet Geographies at the Oxford Internet Institute

  • Here is something to think about: Why do we take photos, and is it sometimes done at the expense of experiencing the world around us? Nic Spaull asks this question in a recent blog post – The amazing Susan Sontag on photography…I sometimes wonder if these types of questions can’t also be extended to the use of social media in general while we travel.  It is so important for us to “stay connected” while we travel, but is this not sometimes done at the expense of the travel experience itself? Don’t we sometimes have a bad travel experience because we can’t get connected? These are questions to think about … specifically if you want to have meaningful travel (and study abroad) experience.

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Interesting Things (and News) from South Africa

Version 1.

How does one introduce South Africa to someone who has not been here before? Well … every week we will post a few links to introduce the Western Cape and South Africa in general. We will try to focus on those things that are not generally focused on. Anyway here we go …

  • Did you know that Cape Town is the Design Capital of 2014? Well it is! One of the board members and chair person is Prof. H Russel Botman, who is the Rector of Stellenbosch University. Read more:
  • This is really cool … Experimenting with Khan Academy in Diepsloot
  • SA’s app of the year … and they are from Stellenbosch – SnapScan. Cool article from TechCentral (a cool South African techie website)
  • The world’s first digital laser developed in South Africa, meet Sandile Ngcobo, the man behind it all.
  • If you are a fan of the websites like and The Setup ( – you would be glad to hear that there is also (kind of) a South African version, mykit. Read more:
  • Meet 200 (Exceptional) Young South Africans; this list is compiled annually by the Mail & Guardian. Here are the people on the list who have a strong connection to Stellenbosch:
    • Nonjabulo Gule (Postdoctoral Fellow)
    • Florian Breuer (Professor)
    • Balindiwe Sishi (Lecturer)
    • Nicolas Spaull (Researcher and Lecturer)
    • Dorette du Plessis (Outreach Manager)
    • Sebastian Bode (Postgraduate Student)
    • Tanja Lategan (alumni)
    • Mandy Rossouw (alumni)
    • Prudy Seepe (alumni)
    • Gavin Silber (alumni)
    • Jeannie le Roux (alumni)

I think I will stop here … until next week.