Global Service Learning (July/Aug)

GSL is an acronym for Global Service Learning. It is a reading and writing intensive, experiential learning, trans- disciplinary course. The course has theoretical and practical components aimed at enabling social impact and transformation. It is a collaborative venture with local schools and non-profit organisations, located in historically disadvantaged communities and it provides a valuable means of promoting internationalisation.

Date of Programme: 15 July – 7 August 2021

Please note: All summer school students follow the course – Introduction to South Africa’s Political History – in the first week (19 – 22 July 2021). After the first week the summer school group splits up into the different academic programmes.

Academic Weight: 8 US Credits / 16 ECTS Credits

(Optional Top up of 1 US/2 ECTS Credits available)

Language: English


  • Minimum GPA Requirement of 2.8
  • Since students will be working with children – students are legally required to provide an up to date police clearance.