Interesting Things (and News) from South Africa

Version 1.

How does one introduce South Africa to someone who has not been here before? Well … every week we will post a few links to introduce the Western Cape and South Africa in general. We will try to focus on those things that are not generally focused on. Anyway here we go …

  • Did you know that Cape Town is the Design Capital of 2014? Well it is! One of the board members and chair person is Prof. H Russel Botman, who is the Rector of Stellenbosch University. Read more:
  • This is really cool … Experimenting with Khan Academy in Diepsloot
  • SA’s app of the year … and they are from Stellenbosch – SnapScan. Cool article from TechCentral (a cool South African techie website)
  • The world’s first digital laser developed in South Africa, meet Sandile Ngcobo, the man behind it all.
  • If you are a fan of the websites like and The Setup ( – you would be glad to hear that there is also (kind of) a South African version, mykit. Read more:
  • Meet 200 (Exceptional) Young South Africans; this list is compiled annually by the Mail & Guardian. Here are the people on the list who have a strong connection to Stellenbosch:
    • Nonjabulo Gule (Postdoctoral Fellow)
    • Florian Breuer (Professor)
    • Balindiwe Sishi (Lecturer)
    • Nicolas Spaull (Researcher and Lecturer)
    • Dorette du Plessis (Outreach Manager)
    • Sebastian Bode (Postgraduate Student)
    • Tanja Lategan (alumni)
    • Mandy Rossouw (alumni)
    • Prudy Seepe (alumni)
    • Gavin Silber (alumni)
    • Jeannie le Roux (alumni)

I think I will stop here … until next week.