Maties Swimming Club’s home base is at the University of Stellenbosch. We currently have the use of two swimming pools.

Outdoor Pool

Heated 50m FINA standard ten lane pool with constant depth 2m.
• Width 25m with rimflow, footledge all round and wave breaker lane ropes
• Raised end-walls with FINA competition standard starting blocks (Omega swiss timing) at start end
• FINA waterpolo standard compliant
• International Under water hockey compliant

Indoor Pool
• Heated 25m standard 5 lane pool.
• Width 12.5m with footledge all round and wave breaker lane ropes

1Maties Swimming by Thys Lombard (12)


Both the pools are part of the Sport Campus at the University of Stellenbosch called Coetzenburg. The Swimmng pools are right next to the Maties Gymnasium which caters not only for high performance athletes, but also for students and members of the general public.

Gymnasium facilities
• Three weight training areas
• Dedicated High Performance training area
• One Circuit
• Cycling Studio
• Multi-studio
• Saunas
• Six aerobic halls hosting more than 90 aerobic classes per week


The SUSPI gymnasium also operates the Recovery Centre where athletes and the public can go for sports massages, ice baths and contrasts baths.

Recovery Centre Facilities
• 3 Ice Baths
• 1 Warm Bath
• Sport Massage Facilities