Maties Kit

 20160128_113147_resized R110 Club T-Shirt
1 R165 Official Club Shorts
20160128_113314 R270 Official Club Hoodie
 20160128_113231_resized R220 Dome Cap
1 R80 Silicone Cap



Swimmers may wear any swimsuits and clothing they wish to training but must ensure that they are warmly dressed after their practice prior to leaving the building. Swimmers may not leave the building wearing towels and swimsuits.


Matie clothing (including tour attire) and Matie swimming caps are COMPULSORY at all competitions. There are no exceptions to this rule. Disciplinary action will be taken to enforce this extremely important part of our image and discipline within the club. Parents must please ensure that their children are properly dressed. Students must ensure that they have the appropriate kit Uniform

The following is compulsory when taking part for the club in competitions

• Matie shirt including tour shirts – available from the club.
• Matie tracksuit, Matie “sweater” and Matie shorts – available at the Maties shop in the Neelsie.
• Matie swimming cap – available from the club.

No swimmer will be allowed to compete if he/she does not have the required club kit.


The Matie Swim shop is situated next to the Maties Swim Club Room.
NB! We don’t have change, thus please bring the right amount of cash or cheque with you


The club has brought in a new range of Maties Swimming caps as an incentive for our swimmers to progress to the next performance level.
The basic criteria for the caps are below:
Yellow with Maroon Writing:
Super Intermediate, Junior A, Junior, New Level 1,New Level 2 and New Level 3 and general Maties Cap
Maroon with White Writing:
Junior Nationals, Youth Nationals or SASC (this means you have done the qualifying time which make you eligible to attend the competition in the particular season)
Black with Silver Writing:
Senior Nationals (this means you have done the qualifying time which make you eligible to attend the competition in the particular season)
Silver with Maroon Writing and it will include your surname:
Finalists at Senior Nationals or top 3 in the Multi disability events at Senior nationals and or Top 4 at SASC while achieving a Senior nationals qualifying times.
White Dome Cap:
Anybody who are interested in a dome cap.

Once a year we will give all previous finalists who have met the above criteria (after Senior Nationals) the option to print their name on the caps if they want too.