Fine Arts

Why Fine Arts?

The course offers an integrated approach to Fine Arts studies, wherein the principle objective is to promote an understanding of the critical relationship between theory and practice.

Art is a demanding and competitive career choice. It is a vocation: not simply a job. It is true that the art industry is a complex, competitive and demanding environment. When we refer to the ‘art world’, we are actually suggesting something of its special conditions, with it being a unique economy in which ideas about culture, language, taste, style, entrepreneurship, knowledge and value are constantly put to the test. A wide range of skills is therefore required to keep things on track. A degree in art is a degree in the kind of creative thinking that the new knowledge economy seeks out. So it’s less a question of getting a ‘real’ job, than having the imagination and skills to invent the job you wish to have.

The Fine Arts course

The programme demands total commitment and dedication from students in order to achieve its goals, and we expect full and undivided engagement and participation – anything less than this and you cannot expect success. Remember that you are engaged in establishing – for yourself – the foundations and directions of a disciplined and exciting way of life. Expectations of you are high, so make sure that you grow and fulfil your own potential.

The over-arching aim of the Fine Arts programme is fourfold:

  • To provide you with a broad a range of technical skills that are used in the production of contemporary artworks (2-dimensional, 3-dimensional and new media; performance, video, sound, installation, digital and computer arts, etc.).
  • To foster an understanding of the crucial relationship between form and conceptual thinking, and how the manipulation of material, process and technique can aid in the development of new insight, ideas and the production of knowledge.
  • In terms of studio practice, to help you develop a visual language that is personal and unique, and which you can articulate and defend in the public realm.
  • To assist you in becoming confident, independent and self-reliant in terms of studio practice.The four-year degree is the equivalent of an honours degree. This enables students to continue their studies through entering a range of Master’s programmes locally and internationally. Our highly skilled staff offer postgraduate degrees all the way through to doctoral level.

For more information

Ashley Walters | Coordinator Fine Arts | +27 21 808 3045

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