Joani Groenewald

Supervisors | Prof Ernst van der Wal
The translated landscape | Interpreting South Africa Through Jewellery Praxis
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Monique Biscombe

Supervisors | Prof Lize van Robbroeck & Prof Albert Grundlingh
Confronting the Frame | A Critical Analysis of the Semiotic Landscape of the Stellenbosch Village Museum, South Africa
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Mieke Hall

Supervisors | Dr Karolien Perold-Bull & Prof Elizabeth Gunter
Inclusive Quality Education in South Africa | An Arts-Based Investigation of the Primary School Classroom as Semiotic Landscape
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Neil Le Roux

Supervisors | Dr Ernst van der Wal
Emergent Object | A Generative Approach to Artistic Research
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Pearl Mamathuba

Supervisors | Dr Katrhyn Smith
EFacial Imaging for Forensic Identification in a Digital Age | Exploring New Processes and Platforms in Unidentified and Missing Persons Case
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Kobie Meiring

Supervisors | Prof Elmarie Costandius & Dr Karolien Perold-Bull
Re-Imagining Learning and Teaching Art in the Classroom in and through Mark Making by Student Teachers
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Palesa Mokwena

Supervisors | Prof Lize Van Robbroeck & Dr Jessica Rucell
The Black Consciousness Movement, Lefifi Tladi and Epistemic Freedom
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Sihle Motake

Supervisors | Dr Karolien Perold-Bull
Reimagining and Reigniting Confidence in Intermediate Phase Pre-service Teachers through their Approach to Visual Arts Education
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Damian Samuels

Supervisors | Prof Ernst van der Wal
The Image of an Island | St. Helena Mediated in Film, Photography and South African Popular Memory
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Christine Steyn

Supervisors | Prof Stella Viljoen & Prof Lize Van Robbroeck
Reconfiguring Motherhood | Maternal Dissonance in the Work of Five South African Visual Artists
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Boitumelo Tlhoaele

Supervisors | Dr Lizabé Lambrechts and Prof Nomusa Makhubu
The Jabulani Amphitheatre | The History of a Place through Archive, Fragments and Sounds
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Milia Khoury

Supervisor | Prof Stella Viljoen
Beyond Demarcation and Fault Lines | Navigating and Mapping the Divide through Artistic Practice in Post-Apartheid Cape Town and Post-War Beirut
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