Flu jab protects students and patients

A group of MB,ChB students launched a flu vaccination drive.
A group of 100 4th-year students got the flu jab – not just to prevent them from getting the flu, but to ensure that they don’t pass it on to patients in training facilities.
The group of MB,ChB students launched a flu vaccination drive in response to a lecture entitled “Vaccination of the Health Care Worker”.
“Several students approached me and were very enthusiastic about running a vaccination campaign,” explains Dr Angela Dramowski with the Department of Paediatrics at the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Stellenbosch University.
In addition to guarding themselves and their patients from the flu, the vaccination drive also provided the students with practical clinical experience. Under supervision of staff at the clinical skills laboratory the students administered the vaccines to each other.
“The idea was conceived as an awareness project and opportunity to demonstrate the feasibility of doing vaccination of health care students, and hopefully it will be rolled out on a larger scale in coming years,” says Dramowski. 
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Wilma Stassen