Support the FMHS Fund

Prof Jimmy Volmink
Socioeconomic inequality, one of the most pressing challenges facing South Africa, was brought into sharp focus recently through the actions of students across the country. As part of our sustained action to realise the vision of the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences (FMHS) we actively promote access to quality education and work hard to ensure student success. Through these efforts competent health professionals are produced who improve lives and contribute to a better society. 
We have responded to the significant and growing need for financial assistance experienced by our students by establishing a FMHS Bursary and Loan Fund (FMHS Fund). The support provided by this Fund is additional to the existing support provided by the university, and is primarily made available to students who do not qualify for financial assistance from other sources. The FMHS Fund, in particular, serves as a source of emergency relief for students who are at risk of being excluded from the university due to their inability to pay outstanding fees. 
Our faculty now faces the reality that substantial numbers of academically successful students, many of whom already receive other forms of funding, are still not able to clear their debt. Some are in the penultimate or final year of studies and are guaranteed of jobs once they graduate, and yet struggle to access loans and bursaries. While the FMHS has made funding available from its own sources to kick start the Fund, this is unfortunately not sufficient to meet the ongoing need for financial aid. 
As the faculty celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, we are strongly promoting the culture of giving and sharing that already exists on our campus, and for which Tygermaties are known. 
I therefore wish to extend this sincere appeal to you to donate to our Fund. 
You can make a direct bank deposit by using the account details below:
Organisation name: Stellenbosch University
Bank: Standard Bank
Branch: Stellenbosch
Brand code: 050610
Account name: SU Deposit Account
Account number: 073006955
Alternatively, you can make a credit card payment by using the following link: Please ensure that you select 'Medicine and Health Sciences Bursary Fund (H755)' under My gift is for.
Please use the cost centre number H755 as the reference for a payment. 
Donations are tax exempt and in order to receive a tax certificate please send your proof of payment to Joan Weyers at +27 21 808 3026 or +27 865 695 372 or
Corporate donations can take place via your company's corporate social investment policy, sponsorship or as a philanthropic donation (philanthropic donations have tax benefits). The staff from the SU development office will advise you on the tax implications of each strategy and can be contacted on +27 21 808 9262.
Thank you for your continued involvement in, and support of our faculty. Every contribution, regardless of its size, would be deeply appreciated and will make a huge difference. 
Prof Jimmy Volmink