Support for Tygerberg Campus Community

Prof Jimmy Volmink

 The FMHS Dean, Prof Jimmy Volmink, recently shared some good news concerning support for the Tygerberg campus community:

•    Since the start of the year we have been able to allocate bursaries to the value of R1.4 million from the Faculty’s Bursary and Loan Fund (FMHS Fund) thereby ensuring that  no undergraduate student was excluded from registering for 2017. This is in addition to the existing funding provided by the University and our external funding partners. The primary beneficiaries of the FMHS Fund were students who were not able to access financial assistance from any other sources. Our heartfelt thanks to those who have contributed so generously to the FMHS fund. For those who wish to find out more about how to donate please click here:

•    The Faculty has purchased personal accident insurance for all undergraduate and postgraduate students. This covers a variety of accident circumstances, and includes medical expenses and compensation for HIV infection contracted through needle stick injury. There is no financial cost involved for students and all registered FMHS students are entitled to the benefits of this policy. 

•    All students are now also able to benefit from a crisis service provided by the Centre for Student Counselling and Development in collaboration with ER24. The 24 hour crisis service, which consists of emergency medical services, trauma counselling and a medical hotline, is available countrywide on 082-557-0880.

•    The Faculty remains vigilant and continues to take pro-active steps to promote the safety of our staff and students. In this regard, SU Campus Security now provides a protection service under the notorious bridge area immediately north of the campus. A guard is on patrol weekdays between 06:00 and 18:00 to provide a security presence between the campus and the station.

•    Finally, I am happy to inform you that senior students who are currently housed in the old Kerkenberg building, across the road, will move into a new residence on campus in August. This means that all residence-based students will be accommodated on the Tygerberg Campus grounds.
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