Project sustainability

Watergarden runs under the auspices of the Centre for Community Psychological Services, Unit for Psychology, at Stellenbosch University. The Centre will therefore play a key role in the sustainability of this project. Watergarden may present research and educational opportunities for psychology students. Interest in the project has also been expressed by the Stellenbosch University community interaction initiative and other departments in the Arts faculty of the University to utilise the Watergarden project as a platform for practical work for students. As such the different departments contribute to the sustainability of the project since they build up a greater human resource capacity in the project.

The sustainability of the project will also depend on the community involvement and ownership. Training will be offered continually to community members who become involved in the project. The applicants commit themselves to the enhancement of a sense of community in Klapmuts and networking with key role players such as the local primary school; Stellenbosch University; the municipality; local churches as well as other community organisations.

To date we have already begun to build a network of key people who in various ways will contribute to the Project's sustainability. These include: Mr. Frans (Principal of Klapmuts Primary School); Mr. JC Anthony (Stellenbosch Municipality (focus: Klapmuts) and chairperson of Klapmuts Primary School's Governing Body); Mrs Ronelle Carolissen and Dr. Annemarie Grundlingh (Consultants, Department of Psychology, Stellenbosch University); Mr Christopher Petty (Director, Centre for Community Psychological Services); Pastor Nils Hinrichsen - Senior pastor of Every Nation, Stellenbosch. The campus ministry community-building portfolio offered their involvement in the project.

While there are various options for ensuring the sustainability of the Project in human resource terms, the options in financial terms are clearly more limited. In all likelihood the financial sustainability of the Project will rely on continued fundraising from various sources.


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