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Delicious meals – and lots of cake – to commemorate 100 proud years - Stellenbosch University

Centenary News

Delicious meals – and lots of cake – to commemorate 100 proud years

26 April 2018

Prof Hester Klopper, Deputy Vice Chancellor: Strategy and Internationalisation, cuts CSC’s cake at CSC’s Centenary Tea on 2 March, supported by Prof Arnold Schoonwinkel, Vice-rector: Learning and Teaching, with CSC staff looking on.

Turning 100 warrants a big commemoration and the Centre for Student Communities (CSC) wanted students to join in the festivities all across campus. For this reason, special Centenary commemoration meals were hosted at all the University’s residences on Friday, 2 March.

The three food service suppliers on campus, namely Royal, Fedics and C3, were approached to help make the meals extra special for students. “Right from the first discussions which we held with the various food service suppliers regarding the Centenary meals, we received only their utmost support and cooperation,” says Ilse Reuter, Project Manager at the Centre for Student Communities.

The Centenary commemoration meals were advertised in advance via social media and e-mail, and students who do not live in residences were also catered for. “Private students were able to book for the meal on the University’s system and join the commemorations in open dining halls in their respective clusters,” explains Ilse.

While the food service providers stuck to the guidelines of a balanced meal, they also focussed on meals which they know are firm favourites with the students. “They took their own initiative and showed great creativity with the planning of the menus and some service providers even decorated the dining halls,” says Ilse.

The initial suggestion was that the students should each receive a slice of birthday cake along with their lunch on 2 March. “This suggestion was put into action in a variety of ways, ranging from beautifully decorated tray cakes to cupcakes adorned with festive flags. Some of the suppliers also made a special effort to offer the students greater variety in the meals, as well as bigger portions.”

Some resident heads joined the students for the lunch and student leaders were encouraged to invite guests to attend the special event. “One of the food service suppliers also decorated their dining halls with posters depicting the University’s 100-year birthday,” says Ilse.

In addition to the Centenary lunchtime meals held on campus, the Centre for Student Communities also held a special Centenary tea on 2 March at their offices in Bosman Street. At this event, Royal treated staff members of the Centre to delicious cupcakes and gourmet snacks.

The focus of the events on 2 March was to commemorate the University’s birthday. “In the rest of the year, there will be many more discussions regarding the University’s Centenary on campus, of which quite a few will probably also take place around a dining table,” concludes Ilse.

Snacks for Dagbreek’s Centenary meal, provided by its food service provider, Royal Mnandi.

Cupcakes for Eendrag, provided by its food service provider, C3.

- By Stellenbosch University -