Matie Voices

Camilla Carboni

Alumna of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

“Ultimately, it’s hard work and commitment to excellence that make people and businesses great…”

One often hears that fresh content and good copy is key to establishing a successful online presence. However, with all the buzz out there today—especially when it comes to social media, which churns out information twenty-four seven—contributing quality content has become more critical than ever before.

So says marketer, copywriter, coach and best-selling author Camilla Carboni, adding that, because ideas and content are for the most part not new, the trick is to find a way to deliver content in a new way—a way that’s unique to you.

Over the past two decades, this former Matie has established herself as one of the leaders in her field and has even coined a popular marketing term called Create-The-Dream.

“This term speaks to the power of experience marketing. Having had the incredible opportunity of working with global resort conglomerates to increase their client acquisitions through online marketing and curated copywriting, I realised the importance of selling the dream of the experience being offered to the client.”

In other words, she goes on to explain, you have to be able to paint a picture of what it’s like to experience the offering.

“If you can paint that picture (aka Create-The-Dream) for your clients, you bring emotion into your marketing, and that increases sales conversions.”

Camilla has met and worked with several renowned people and businesses around the globe during her career so far.

“Personal highlights include meeting the Dalai Lama and Robert Kiyosaki, having clients such as Jack Johnson, marketing the Olympic Games, as well as being featured on Jack Canfield Trainings.”

But she reinforces that it’s what those people and businesses stand for that means the most to her. “Ultimately, it’s hard work and commitment to excellence that make people and businesses great – and it’s witnessing those qualities in anyone that inspires me – whether they’re big players (yet), or not.”

Away from the office, she says she’s all about living life through experiences.

“Whether I’m in my now hometown in Colorado, or travelling abroad, you can find me exploring with my fiancé, journaling, tasting new foods, photographing the beauty of our world, and soaking up the uniqueness of each location.

“Absolute favourites of mine include observing the world from quaint cafes in Paris, sipping wine in Stellenbosch, Provence, or Napa, watching the dolphins and dramatic sea cliffs on a sunset catamaran sail in Hawai’i, and roasting s’mores around the campfire with family and friends.”

Thinking back at her time spent studying at Stellenbosch, Camilla reveals that she has so many incredible memories that she’s not sure where to begin!

“What comes to mind is the beauty of the campus, the autumn leaves lining Victoria Street, Vensters, the endless fun at Nemesia, happily translating pages of Afrikaans notes into English (to study in my first language) because I was so proud to be at what I consider to be the very best University in South Africa.

“Then there was meeting friends for lunch at the Neelsie, heading to 8am classes after working until 3am at the Drama Department the night before, meeting with the Maties Film Society between classes, having the honour of being accepted to attend the University of Iowa on an international student exchange, and, finally, graduating with my master’s degree.”

What lies ahead for this international go-getter?

“Right now I’ve got several copywriting and marketing consultation projects lined up through my company (and alter ego), The Copy Curator™. It’s both exciting and extremely rewarding to work alongside passionate entrepreneurs and businesses to elevate their marketing communications. I do also have a new book and digital courses in the works…stay tuned!”

- By Steyn du Toit -