Matie Voices

Dr Edward Turner

Alumnus of the Faculty of Theology

“The move from theology into business was, in a sense, a very practical one.”

Dr Edward Turner describes himself as a relationship person—whether it be with people, words or numbers.

It is a philosophy he has worked on all throughout his career—first as a theologian, later on in accountancy, and today as corporate and investment banking head at Nedbank in Namibia.

“The move from theology into business was, in a sense, a very practical one,” Edward, who holds several postgraduate degrees from Stellenbosch University (SU), reveals.

“Annalien Moore and I married in December 1997 when I completed the doctorate in Old Testament theology. She started her final year in dietetics at the Tygerberg campus in 1998 and it did not make sense for me to apply for positions away from Cape Town, and all the available positions in ministry were far from Cape Town.

“Another reason for the move into business relates to exposure I had to McKinsey and Company during 1997. During interviews with McKinsey and Company I discovered my appetite for business and finance. When I got an opportunity to join Boland PKS / Bank in 1999 after a year at Old Mutual, I decided to study towards the chartered accountant qualification. Since numbers were always one of my natural skills, it was an easy transition from social into financial sciences.”

He describes the world of corporate business as, among other things, one of people, words, and numbers.

“I am blessed with the ability to understand numbers most of the time. However, I was not made to do number crunching from dawn to dusk.

“Instead, I get my emotional kick from clinching deals and happy clients. I also have a passion for selling, which I’m also able to incorporate in my current position.”

His day-to-day duties include scouting for corporate investment opportunities, as well as managing a team of investment bankers, which has a similar focus.

“I would typically be interested in the financing of a large infrastructure development, such as a manufacturing plant. My work entails finding the deals, managing the process up to the credit approval of the transaction, and the client relationship thereafter.

“We are currently busy with a couple of deals as lead arranger in which we are appointed to structure and source equity (or capital) and debt for new Namibian projects over a varied spectrum of industries.”

Through the company, Edward has had the opportunity to become involved in several interesting social and environmental projects as well, such as the planting of trees and building of low- and middle-income residential housing.

“I am also the chairperson of the school board of Pionierspark Primary School in Windhoek, and have recently been approached to be involved in a non-profit Namibian entity with a focus on sustainable socioeconomic impact on lives.”

Away from his corporate persona, he describes himself as a happily married man of 20 years, and the father of four children.

“My job at the office can often be fast paced and involve long hours, so in my free time I love spending time with my family, cooking, reading or writing.

“As a family we enjoy going camping together. In fact, I first met my wife, Annalien, while on a hike with the Berg- en Toerklub through the Gamkaskloof (Die Hel).”

- By Steyn du Toit -