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Table: Groups  

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AO Code
Group Description
11-A1 tuberosity
11-A2 impacted Metaphyseal
11-A3 non-impacted metaphyseal
11-B1 with Metaphyseal Impaction
11-B2 without Metaphyseal Impaction
11-B3 with glenohumaral dislocation
11-C1 with Slight Displacement
11-C2 with marked displacement
11-C3 dislocated
12-A1 spiral
12-A2 oblique (> 30)
12-A3 transverse (<30 deg)
12-B1 spiral wedge
12-B2 bending wedge
12-B3 fragmented wedge
12-C1 spiral
12-C2 segmental
12-C3 irregular
13-A1 apophyseal avulsion
13-A2 metaphyseal simple


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