Current research

In 2023, in support of our strategic areas, we are collaborating with Fellows, Partners, and others on a number of key research topics such as the following:

  • Developing a holistic landscape approach to developing inclusive wildlife economies through greater understanding of the potential for utilising both wild animals and wild plants
  • Using a value-chain approach to developing wild meat as an economic driver for successful wildlife economies across the continent
  • Understanding the global value chains of wildlife products and the opportunities for enhancing economic, social, and environmental outcomes across these chains
  • Testing landscape-level applications of value chain analysis to grow and diversify the wildlife economy
  • Identifying market access opportunities and addressing barriers to trade in wild products
  • Building capacity to engage in international trade and address trade barriers in wildlife product trade, intra-Africa and globally
  • Understanding and addressing regulatory constraints to developing wildlife economies
  • Promoting voluntary standards and certification schemes to demonstrate social and environmental outcomes of wildlife enterprises
  • The potential for wildlife economy trade associations to give a voice to individuals, landscapes, and enterprises with respect to policies and regulatory frameworks
  • Understanding the impacts of wildlife economies in a multi-disciplinary outcome framework – conservation, economic inclusion, climate mitigation and socio-cultural well-being

If you interesting in contributing to our current research initiatives, please email us.