E-learning opportunities

We are currently developing a portfolio of e-learning journeys for practitioners and students.

These journeys will eventually be offered through a 'cloud campus' providing a online space for learning and engaging on key topics relevant to Africa's wildlife economy. See below for more information.

AWEI e-learning journeys

> Liberalising intra Africa trade in wild meat

a research report, summary, and seven-part series on addressing non-tariff barriers facing wild meat trade across the African continent

> Can wildlife coexist with crops and livestock?

a series of five dialogues in which you learn about ways in which wildlife is coexisting with crop farming and livestock ranching

> What's next for Zimbabwe's wildlife economy?

a series of six dialogues in which you learn about the exciting challenges and the real challenges to scaling up a national wildlife economy

AWEI Cloud Campus - under development

The AWEI Cloud Campus - under development -will enable to stakeholders in the wildlife economy from the public and private sectors, communities, and non-profits to learn and interact, and in so-doing to build and support a growing network of professionals able to strengthen the enabling environment for the wildlife economy and to scale up thriving and responsible wildlife enterprises. Key elements of the Campus will include learning journeys, fireside chats, discussion groups, and professional networks.

aweiIn preparation for this concept note, we developed a mock prototype of what the Cloud Campus might look like on Mighty Networks. Think of it a hybrid of an online learning platform, an event management system, and a social network. With the aim of encouraging stakeholders to return to Campus regularly to attend talks, engage in discussions, sign up for learning journeys, and interact with each other, the Campus will foster a continent-wide multidisciplinary network of changemakers to promote, enable, and scale up the wildlife economy.

If you would like to support the development of our Cloud Campus, please contact us.