About Biomathematics

Biomathematics is a multidisciplinary research field at the interface of mathematics and biology/life sciences.

It aims to provide meaningful theoretical insights into understanding and predicting biological phenomena. According to the scope for the Journal of Theoretical Biology, the research areas of biomathematics are extremely wide, including brain and neuroscience; cancer growth and treatment; cell biology; developmental biology; ecology; evolution; immunology; infectious and non-infectious diseases; mathematical, computational, biophysical and statistical modelling; microbiology, molecular biology, and biochemistry; networks and complex systems; physiology; pharmacodynamics; animal behaviour and game theory.

Biomathematics @SU

Prospective students can find more information regarding related modules and programmes at the Science Faculty page, here. For non-SA students, you are also encouraged to contact our partner institute, AIMS South Africa, for more information on opportunities and scholarships. Prospective postgraduates and postdoctoral fellows can contact Ms Charndré Williams to find out more. Full contact details, here.