The research focuses within our team are steered through the South African Research Chair Programme in Mathematical and Theoretical Physical Biosciences.

We target all aspects within the scope of ecological and evolutionary modelling. Facing an unprecedented rate of biodiversity loss, we need to ponder upon the origin, function and adaptive changes of biodiversity – to date still the only known whole-living system in our universe. Erwin Schrödinger asks, what is life? The functioning of adaptive, complex, living systems requires a grand framework to define it. Mathematics is the most beautiful conjecture and the most powerful tool born of human ingenuity.

It is without doubt that mathematical minds have worked throughout the early conceptualisation and later development of ecological theories. However, the walls between disciplines have hampered the flourish of this inter- and trans-disciplinary field. Mathematicians often have vague concepts of ecology and evolution, while ecologists are becoming increasingly aware of the need for mathematical and quantitative methodologies in their research. We bring them together through our research.

Links to our research transcending three central themes: