Standard Bank and ICBC: The start of bigger things to come

China Monitor - Issue 24 - Nov 2007

November 2007 – Issue 24

China been receiving some political flak of late for not being a significant investor in the South African economy. Whether justified or not, Beijing was stung by the criticism and has been trying over the course of the past year to motivate substantive commercial ties beyond just trade between China and South Africa.

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Outcomes of the South Africa-China Bi-National Commission

China Monitor - Issue 23 - Oct 2007October 2007 – Issue 23

In late September, the Bi-National Commission (BNC) between South Africa and China was held in Beijing. Both Governments describe each other as “strategic partners” but both sides have struggled to define exactly what the term “strategic” means. The BNC went some way to unpack the phrase strategic partner and elevate the relationship to a higher level.

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New Champions at the World Economic Forum, Dalian, China

China Monitor - Issue 22 - Sept 2007September 2007 – Issue 22

In September, the city of Dalian in northeast China hosted the World Economic Forum’s New Champions summit. The new champions are aspirant multinationals – a large number of which are from emerging market economies. High growth economies in Asia – China and India especially – are spawning globally capable firms that are able compete against multinationals from traditional markets.

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The Chinese Community in South Africa

China Monitor - Issue 21 - Aug 2007August 2007 – Issue 21

The take-off of China’s economy and its rapid development since the early 1980’s would not have been possible without the Chinese diaspora. Significant repatriation of Chinese capital to the mainland economy from Hong Kong and Taiwan financed China’s economic take-off. The capital brought with it technology, employment, management expertise and also served to legitimise the Chinese Government’s reform program for the global investor community. The confidence of ethnic Chinese capital in investing in the mainland thus provided the foundation of the China’s growth success phenomenon.

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China & ASEAN: New Avenues of Cooperation and Competition

China Monitor - Issue 20 - Jul-2007July 2007 – Issue 20

In the late 1990’s, a serious debate was gripping the Southeast Asian region. It was over the impact China’s economic rise would have on the economies of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), not too dissimilar to the debates that are raging amongst Africans and international observes of China’s commercial engagement of the African continent.

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