The CCS makes expertise available to the public in various formats.

AEAA_ImageThe African East-Asian Affairs (AEAA) is an international, African based, quarterly journal. It focuses on the developments and nuances of the relationship between Africa and East-Asian nations, including China, Japan, Korea and the ASEAN states. Topics covered include both the domestic developments and the international relations of these states, with a focus on their engagement with Africa. Articles published fall within the social sciences and related disciplines, such as politics, economics, environmental studies and law.


China_Monitor_ImageThe China Monitor is a compilation of academic articles, intermittently published by the Centre for Chinese Studies, on topical issues in the field of China/Africa relations. Even though the China Monitor is a non-peer reviewed publication it adheres to strict international standards in its articles, with contributions by field experts from across the globe.



Research_Report_ImageResearch Reports, present the results of research undertaken by the Centre for Chinese Studies either as a result of contract agreements or as collaboration with partner institutions. This group of publications are also often the preferred media of publication for visiting scholars, interns and short time staff. These reports present the full methodology and findings of undertaken research.



Discussion_Paper_ImageDiscussion Papers provide insights into on-going research, including that of affiliates, associate and visiting scholars. Discussion papers are similar to working papers and are as such “work in progress”, presenting results from on-going academic endeavours, but in a complete and coherent manner. CCS discussion papers contribute to the academic debate on China’s global rise and the consequences thereof for African.



Policy_Brief_ImagePolicy Briefs (also called Policy Briefings) are published as four page documents with policy relevant information and recommendations on very specific topics. These documents provide informed and expert analyses of topic areas. Policy briefs also include a section with recommendations for future policy actions.




CCS_Weekly_China_Briefing_19_July_ClarissaCCS Weekly Briefing is a round-up of the week’s most pertinent China-Africa and China-Business stories. It tracks China- and China-Africa related news with a special focus on Chinese trade and investment activity on the African continent. It is sent to subscribers (free of charge) every Friday. To subscribe, send an email to with SUBSCRIBE in the subject line.



Commentary_ImageCCS Commentaries are written by Research Analysts at the Centre and focus on current and topical discussions or media events with regard to China or China/Africa relations. Occasionally, the CCS accepts commentaries from non-CCS affiliated writers with expertise in specific fields. Their views do not necessarily reflect those of the CCS. Commentaries can be used freely by the media or other members of the interested public if duly referenced to the author(s) and the CCS.”