African East-Asian Affairs, Issue 04 | December 2013

AEAA Issue4 December 2013

Steven C. Y. Kuo
Chinese Peacebuilding in Liberia as soft-power projection: perspectives from Monrovia

Lemuel Ekedegwa Odeh
Sino-Nigeria investments: prospects and challenges 1971-2010

Liu Yang, Cyprian Nugah Doh
China and Botswana: legal and cultural differences in labour laws

Daouda Cissé
China’s engagement in Africa: opportunities and challenges for Africa

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African East-Asian Affairs, Issue 03 | September 2013

AEAA Issue3 September 2013

Issue 3 | September 2013
(online ISSN: 2308-8699)

Festus Aubyn
China’s Foray into African Security and the Question of Non-Interference

Zhou Hang
Dragon under the Blue Helmet: a quantitative analysis of China’s motivation for participation in UN peacekeeping operations

Thomas J Wheeler
Peace through prevention: practical steps for deepening China-Africa security co-operation

Xia Liping
An analysis of China’s consular protection practice in Africa

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African East-Asian Affairs – Issue 02, 2013

AEAA Issue2 June 2013
Issue 2
| June 2013
(online ISSN: 2308-8699)

Peter Dannenberg, Yejoo Kim, Daniel Schiller
Chinese Special Economic Zones in Africa: a new species of globalisation?

Claude Sumata, Théophile Dzaka-Kikouta
The determinants of China’s foreign direct investment in Central Africa: evidence from the Republic of Congo and DRC

Théophile Dzaka-Kikouta, Francis Kern, Chiara Gonella
Chinese economic co-operation with Central Africa and the transfer of knowledge and know-how

Lilliana Avendaño
Lending money: Latin America and China’s New Engagement

Lawrence Mhandara, Charity Manyeruke, Eve Nyemba
Debating China’s New Role in Africa’s Political Economy

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The China Monitor: The BRICS summit 2013 – Is the road from Durban leading into Africa?

05 March 2013

After having joined the club for 2012, South Africa is going to host the annual summit of heads of state of the BRICS in late March 2013. In the light of South Africa’s foreign policy – if not just for being the African BRICS member state – it is consequential to have chosen Africa’s development as the overarching topic for this summit. The Centre for Chinese Studies at Stellenbosch University focusses particularly on China-Africa relations and explores China’s growing role in the world. Africa is no small feature in China’s foreign policy and its economic strategy. This special edition has the purpose to provide background on the various African agendas of the BRICS members in order to inform decision-makers and the broader public on the background of deliberations held in Durban. The discussion we want to provide input to with this publication clearly is not the somewhat futile debate about whether South Africa fits within the BRICS or not; it now is a member state and discussion should rather focus on what South Africa can achieve and which agenda it should promote. The question we asked our authors for this publication was how the other BRICS see the continent and how do their respective agendas fit with Chinese (and South African) foreign policy goals when it comes to Africa. Download Here

African East-Asian Affairs – Issue 01, 2013

Issue 1 | March 2013

Special issue on

Bob Wekesa
The Media Framing of China’s Image in East Africa: An Exploratory Study

Jaroslaw Jura, Kaja Kaluzynska
Not Confucius, nor Kung Fu: Economy and Business as Chinese Soft Power in Africa

Yu-Shan Wu
The Political and Diplomatic Implications of Social Media: the Cases of China and South Africa

Jinghao Lu and Cobus van Staden
Lonely Nights Online: How does Social Networking Channel Chinese Migration and Business to Africa?

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