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Online Course/Application Open: China-Africa: Strategy and Skills for Engagement

Course staCCS Online Short Course China Africa Skills and Strategy-1rts: 30 October 2017 / Registration 


This online course offers a comprehensive introduction to China’s engagement on the African continent, with a small component providing a basic introduction to Mandarin business language skills. The course includes an overview of Chinese investments on the continent, including infrastructure, extractive industries and trade relationships; it also examines China-Africa relations within the context of global groupings such as BRICS and FOCAC, the role of historical and political relations and the growing role of Chinese security within Africa. The course familiarizes students with the controversy surrounding the relationship, including issues of labour and environmental degradation as well as mechanisms which African countries draw on to command more cooperative interaction.

The language component includes a selection of high frequency dialogues and vocabulary, such as greetings and obtaining information in a professional or business setting. By the end of the course, students will possess a comprehensive overview of the China-Africa relationship.

This self-paced course will allow students to go through smaller chunks of training at a time and can be done from any location and any time. The combined elements of video, audio, quizzes and forum interactions will lead to increased retention and a strong grasp of the course. It also allows you the ability to revisit and replay sections of training that might not have been clear the first time around.

Who should attend?:

The course is suitable for those in business, media, government, NGOs and academia whose work entails engagement with China; as well as students considering a career path relating to the East Asia region.

Certification and Accreditation:

  • Certificate of Attendance

Registration (Until October 23!)

Follow this link to register online

Course Fees:

Course fees for the four-week online course: ZAR R5.000


6 hours per week