WEF China Business Summit

China Monitor - Issue 3 - Oct 2005October 2005 – Issue 3

The Centre for Chinese Studies at Stellenbosch recently attended and participated in the World Economic Forum’s China Business Summit held in Beijing from 9th -10th September.

Considering China and Africa’s growing commercial interaction, it was surprising that Stellenbosch University was the only African organization participating in the Summit. African, South African business in particular, does not sufficiently consider the strategic implications of China’s growth trajectory. Southeast Asian economies and companies are effectively repositioning themselves to counter Chinese competition, rather than wilt from it. African enterprises need to follow the lead of their Southeast Asian counterparts to boost competitiveness.

This month’s China Monitor focuses on the WEF’s China Business Summit. The lead piece from Jonathan Anderson, Chief Asian Economist at UBS, Hong Kong, brings a sense of realism to China’s banking sector reform.

Thomas Bevan from the Centre writes of his personal experience of the China Business Summit and highlights some bankable insights from the event. The China Monitor also includes an extended section highlighting China-Africa interaction in the business, political and social arenas.

The South African Customs Union (SACU) is soon to begin negotiating a free trade agreement with the People’s Republic of China. The China Monitor will shortly be evaluating possible outcomes from these negotiations and the outlook of trade between SACU and China. It has become a contentious debate in South Africa, and objective analysis is required.

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