China’s global and regional impacts

China Monitor - Issue 2 - Sep 2005September 2005 – Issue 2

The Centre for Chinese Studies at Stellenbosch is a recent institutional creation designed to further the knowledge of China in Africa and build networks between our respective regions and peoples.

This month’s China Monitor includes contributions from Ronnie Chan, Chairman of the Hang Lung Group based in Hong Kong, and Dr. Srikanth Kondapalli of India’s Institute for Defence Studies & Analysis, one of the world’s foremost analysts of Chinese military affairs.

In this month’s “Letter from China”, Mr. Chan poses the question “How China will change the world”. He describes China’s growing economic, political, and often less noticeable cultural, impact on the global stage. Rather than a pending “clash of civilizations”, he argues for a coexistence of western and eastern cultures with China representing the revival of eastern culture.

Dr. Kondapalli evaluates China’s foreign and commercial policies in South Asia, a region which Beijing is engaging strategically. The drivers of the relationship are identified and China’s relations with each state in the region discussed.

During the course of September, the staff of the Centre will be attending the World Economic Forum’s China session that is to be held in Beijing from the 9-10th September. The China Monitor will be providing much commentary from the WEF in next month’s October edition.

Whilst in Beijing, the Centre for Chinese Studies will also be visiting numerous Chinese universities with a view to establishing academic and research linkages with Stellenbosch University. It is important for African institutions to expand their academic relationships into emerging regions and rely less upon traditional networks that were often influenced by colonial ties. The aim is to encourage new learning from China that is currently one of the globe’s most dynamic economies

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