Christiaan Theron – GIS & EO Scripter


Having completed his BSc in Geoinformatics at Stellenbosch University, Christiaan was employed at the CGA as a GIS Scripter and Data Capturer in March of 2017. His current responsibilities include GIS script creation and maintenance, including the automation of Sentinel-2 image acquisition and processing; DSM extraction from stereophotogrammetry; and the automated acquisition, processing and interpolation of climate-surface data. His interests outside the CGA include computer technologies and gaming, as well as camping and other outdoor activities.

Research Interests

  • Programming and scripting
  • Regression/statistics
  • Climate modelling


  • BSc Geoinformatics, 2017, Stellenbosch University
  • BSc Hons Geoinformatics, 2018, Stellenbosch University

Contact info

+27 21 808 3112
+27 21 808 3129