Divan Vermeulen – GIS & EO Analyst


Divan was initially employed as an intern at the CGA in his second year of study in 2009, after which he completed his BSc (2010) and BSc Honours (2011) in Geoinformatics. He was appointed as a full-time GIS and EO Analyst in 2015, while undertaking his MSc in Geoinformatics. His research focuses include comparing techniques for preprocessing SPOT-5 imagery, and the use of earth observation imagery to map soil salinity in agriculture. His current responsibilities at the CGA include scripting and programming for the automation of spatial data processing, manipulation and analysis; the automated acquisition and preprocessing of various satellite imagery; and DSM extraction from stereo imagery and geomorphometry. He is proficient in Java, C and Python.

Research Interests

  • Object-orientated image classification
  • Accuracy assessment techniques
  • Automated land cover/use classification
  • Programming and scripting
  • Pre-processing of satellite imagery
  • DSM extraction from stereo imagery
  • Geomorphometry


  • BSc in Geoinformatics, 2010, University of Stellenbosch
  • BSc Hons in Geoinformatics, 2011, University of Stellenbosch


  • Vermeulen D & Van Niekerk A 2016. Evaluation of a WorldView-2 image for soil salinity monitoring in a moderately affected irrigated area. Journal of Applied Remote Sensing 10 (2).
  • Vermeulen D & Van Niekerk A 2017. Machine learning performance for predicting soil salinity using different combinations of geomorphometric covariates. Geoderma 299: 1-12.

Contact info

+27 21 808 3112
+27 21 808 3129