After completion of a BSc degree with Chemistry (either at Stellenbosch or another institution offering equivalent degrees), students may enroll for the HonsBSc program. The department offers two options for the degree:

HonsBSc in Chemistry

This one-year degree program provides chemical training to postgraduate students in advanced analytical, organic, physical and inorganic chemistry, and short courses on a variety of special topics. All students are also required to complete a research project.

Structure of program

During the 1st semester the structure of the program is modularized as follows:

  • Analytical techniques, covering molecular spectroscopy (NMR, IR, MS), chromatography and electrochemistry
  • Organic chemistry, covering modern synthetic methods
  • Physical chemistry, covering theoretical molecular models, applications of symmetry
  • Inorganic chemistry, covering advanced coordination and organometallic chemistry, application of homogeneous catalysis, X-ray crystallography and supramolecular chemistry.
  • During the 2nd-semester students carry out a research project in any one of the department’s research groups, while also attending two lectures per week on a variety of special topics.

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HonsBSc in Polymer Science

This program, which is unique in the country, is presented over the course of one-year full-time study. The course material is intended to bridge the gap between the student’s knowledge of undergraduate level chemistry and a more in-depth study of the various aspects of polymer science. Within this program there is also a stream in Textile and Polymer Science, which focuses on textile science.

Structure of programme

The degree is subdivided into four modules, as follows:

1st semester

  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Advanced Analytical Polymer Science

2nd semester

  • Physical Polymer Science
  • General Polymer Science and Special Topics OR Special Topics in Textile and Polymer Science

In addition, the student will complete a research project in the 2nd semester in one of the research groups in the polymer science division or in the textile science division.

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Admission requirements For admission to either HonsBSc program, prospective students have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • A BSc degree with Chemistry as major
  • An average final mark of at least 60% for Chemistry 3
  • Pass marks in Mathematics 114 and 144, or their equivalent.

For admission to the textile and polymer science stream, an average of at least 60% for chemistry 344 and 354, applied chemistry 324 and 344 and textile science 314 and 344, is required.

For more information and for inquiries regarding admission, please contact Chemistry

Ms. D Davids Tel: +27 (0)21 808 -2344

Polymer Science Ms Erinda Cooper, Senior Administrative Officer Tel: +27 (0)21 808-3172

Textile Science Ms Adine Gericke Tel: +27 (0)21 808-3341