Post-graduate studies (MSc and PhD) at Stellenbosch University are of a very high standard. Nevertheless, study fees are relatively modest compared to some international universities. For example, the new developments in the Netherlands where tuition fees for a second MSc have recently been increased significantly, make it very interesting for those students to consider an MSc study at Stellenbosch University. The costs involved in a study can be found on the relevant website of the university. In many cases a contribution to the total costs can be made from research funds. For further information, feel free to contact us via e-mail.

On this part of the website, we will further post specific vacancies in the group when such occassions arise. Almost every year we recruit new MSc and PhD students. Due to the nature of our funding, in the majority of cases, preference is given to candidates with the South African nationality. Post-doctoral fellows are not restricted to a specific region.

Current vacancies

There are currently no vacancies in the group.