Research Fields

Chemistry education, philosophy of science education, higher education

Research Highlights

  • Participating in multinational, multidiscipline longitudinal study of understanding knowledge and student agency
  • Development of a Lonerganian framework for chemistry education
  • Using emerging educational theory to critique science education

Research Summary

The question that drives our work is how do we teach chemistry in a way that is meaningful and appropriate for our time. This includes exploring ways to ensure students graduate with a sound grasp of chemistry; paying attention to the person of the student; educating for the development of critical citizenship. We explore the ways in which our programs allow for the development of the student and facilitate the emergence of a person who is able to become a life-long learner.

Applications of Research

  • Providing a robust framework to allow a substantial and meaningful conversation around decolonisation of science curricula
  • Providing a philosophical foundation for holistic curriculum reform
  • Providing links between chemistry education and higher education literature

Margaret Blackie

  • Senior Lecturer
  • mblackie[at]
  • +27 21 808 3353
  • @magsblackie