20 May 2021

The CREST M&E team in collaboration with CLEAR-AA, has developed a searchable web-based evaluation database called African Evaluation Database (AfrED).

The database has more than 3500 reports and articles related to Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) from 19 English speaking African countries. The database captures basic bibliographic and other related metadata on journal articles, evaluation reports and doctoral dissertations (currently limited to South Africa) in the field of M&E that have been produced since 2000.

We envisage that AfrED will become a pivotal knowledge base for the evaluation sector in sub-Saharan Africa and is particularly useful for those who are involved in conducting research on evaluation and those involved in M&E capacity strengthening. The database is already being used extensively by students in the CREST M&E programme for both assignments and theses.

The CREST M&E team has been commissioned for a second grant to expand the content and functionality of the database.

Visit the AfrED website