Tikwiza Silubonde is a lecturer in Monitoring and Evaluation at CREST. In this role, she is directly responsible for teaching Data collection methods for evaluation research to Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) Students. As part of her teaching responsibilities, Tikwiza provides teaching support for other MPhil and PGD Modules as well as student supervision support. In addition to this, Tikwiza is responsible for producing quality research outputs. She has contributed to the research and writing of several papers and recently co-authored, Evaluation education in South Africa: Characteristics and challenges in a changing world (with Dr Lauren Wildschut, 2020). Tikwiza is part of the team that developed the African Evaluation Database (AfrED), a database that captures basic bibliographic and other related metadata on selected country papers, terms of reference, presentations, journal articles, conference proceedings/papers/presentations and reports related to evaluations conducted during the period 2005 – 2020.

Tikwiza is currently serving on the South African Monitoring and Evaluation board for a three-year term, effective from January 2021. In this role, she is a co-lead of the Emerging Evaluators sub-portfolio and supports the activities of the Capacity Building Workshops sub-portfolio which form part of the Capacity Building Portfolio. Tikwiza is also engaged in professional practice in M&E and has supported evaluations, research, and qualitative data analysis in the fields of Education, Higher Education, Social Development, and Sport for Development for a range of clients including government, non-governmental organisations, and international development agencies.

In addition to research, teaching, and student support, she is currently working on expanding the AfrED database and supporting monitoring and evaluation of the University Capacity Development Programme.