Science and Technology Studies (STS) interrogate and understand science as a social system and as a force that influences and shape society and life. It studies the interactions and relationships between science and society. Scholars in this field investigate how social, political and cultural forces and values shape scientific research and innovation and how these, in turn, impact on society, politics and culture. They are also interested in how people respond to science – the expectations that people have of science to deliver solutions and innovations, but also the concerns that exist about the boundaries and impacts of cutting-edge science.

The MPhil in STS at CREST will introduce students to these different dimension and aspects of science as a complex social system, with a focus on South Africa. Students can choose between two specialisations and a general programme option. The successful completion of the requirements of the chosen option will result in the MPhil in STS being awarded.

The research topics of current students in the MPhil in STS can be viewed here, and those of the graduates can be viewed here.