Blockchain is decrypting Africa’s future in renewables

Just a few years ago, the notion of a consumer-driven energy sector was unheard of, much less within the African context. Fast-forward to 2019, and blockchain is opening a new energy chapter, driven by smart technologies.

PODCAST: Large-scale renewables = large-scale local benefits?

Listen to an interview with Holle Wlokas discussing the TENTRANS project and the ability of large-scale renewables to deliver local benefits.

Reflection on social-ecological systems from the GRIM workshop 2019

Systems thinking is the idea that all operational systems are intertwined and are a product of its parts, thus function with inextricable interdependency.

Meet Amanda October

Migrating and crossing the grass literally from the cellar to the Stables into a culture shock of newness has kept life very interesting and ensured no lack of new challenges.

Reaching the potential of renewable energy and development

The energy transition is bringing renewable energy in increased speed, but how do we make sure the transition brings development to communities?

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