It’s a jungle out there: Navigating the research ethics application process

On behalf of the Departmental Ethics Screening Committee, Wendy McCallum recently presented an overview of the ethics application process, looking at why it is important, what it entails, and helpful hints. Reviewers have picked up some recurring issues in ethics applications and Wendy's presentation provides guidance on how to avoid them.

CST PGDip: Cultivating the capacity to respond to an increasingly uncertain world

The Centre for Sustainability Transitions’ Postgraduate Diploma in Sustainable Development kicked off in February with a cohort of 45 students.

South Africa’s contested transition to energy democracy

A collection of insights emerging from the national large-scale renewable energy programme.  

How African knowledge systems could breathe new life into Western sustainability science solutions

The colonisation of science that has been steadily taking place for about five centuries means that a whole body of work, in particular indigenous knowledge, has been omitted from the global knowledge library. This means that even though our global problems are diverse, the solutions being offered are mostly singular, viewed through a homogenisation lens that misrepresents reality.

Stories of collective learning and care during a pandemic

Stories of collective learning and care during a pandemic gives insight into the collective learning under way in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. It explores and demonstrates what kinds of collective learning support, skills ecosystems and capacity mobilisation are needed for a ‘just recovery’ from COVID-19 that can inform basic livelihoods, new forms of work, climate action and long-term transformations for sustainable futures.

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