Looking for the connections: Dr Rika Preiser

As the last to arrive in a family of eight siblings, Dr Rika Preiser has since childhood learnt much about the complexities, interactions, dynamics and undercurrents associated with larger networks or organizations. Today she is a senior researcher at the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition, under the auspices of Stellenbosch University's School of Public

Young South Africans want to farm, but the system isn’t ready for them

Persistent unemployment has become synonymous with the youth experience across South Africa. Youth unemployment rates are almost four times higher than the regional average – 62% of South Africans between 15 and 35 years are unemployed and of these 60% have never been employed. Add to this the fact that even those who have jobs are earning below what is considered to

How to Live Better and Stop Destroying the Planet

A recent United Nations-backed report highlighted the scale of destruction humans are inflicting on the natural world. To reverse these trends, humanity must transform its economic models and food system, treat the world’s oceans far better, and think carefully about the best ways to tackle climate change. STOCKHOLM – Earlier this month, a bleak global assessment of

New report: T-labs for alternative food systems in the Western Cape

Over the past three years, the Southern Africa Food Lab, in partnership with the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition, GRAID and the NRF, has made use of Transformation Labs (or T-Labs) as a means of exploring ways to transform the Cape Metropolitan food system into one which is sustainable and secure. A T-lab is a series

Caring for the grasslands

“I always admired Mother Theresa’s compassion and commitment to helping people,” says PhD graduate Linda Luvuno. “I dreamed of becoming a nurse so that I could do just that.” Growing up in eMpophomeni in Howick, Luvuno loved the grasslands. When she began to realise the impact of alien invasive species, it saddened her deeply. “I

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