This book is a product of more than two years of collaborative research by African scholars. The book project was facilitated by the Centre for Complex Systems in Transition of Stellenbosch University and the Stellenbosch Institute for Advanced Study (STIAS). The book argues that African countries have unique leapfrogging opportunities to Wellbeing Economy that is inclusive, climate resilient and resource efficient provided that they invest on transformational infrastructure. It also presents the available tools and techniques, which African countries could utilise in their policy-making and planning processes. The book consists of the following chapters that deal with key themes and sectors related to the development of transformational infrastructure in Africa:

––Chapter 1: Transformative leapfrogging to a wellbeing economy in Africa

––Chapter 2: Ecological infrastructure as a basis for the African wellbeing economy

––Chapter 3: Sustainable energy systems in Africa

––Chapter 4: Inclusive and sustainable industrial development for Africa

––Chapter 5: Sustainable urban development in Africa

––Chapter 6: Life-cycle management for sustainable infrastructure planning and development in Africa

––Chapter 7: Distributed renewable economy for Africa as a basis for wellbeing economy development

––Chapter 8: Inclusive governance for sustainable development in Africa

––Chapter 9: Indicators on transformational infrastructure for a wellbeing economy