Thursday, December 3 from 13:00—14:00 (GMT+2)
This webinar will take place online.
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Join us for a Webinar in our CST series of Webinars 

Games for the Sustainable Development Goals

Join us for a discussion on how to use games for fostering change and engagement towards reaching the SDGs in Namibia

Namibia faces very complex challenges hindering sustainable development. Poverty and income inequality  is rising coupled with other systematic issues such as water scarcity worsening with persistent droughts, land degradation and high unemployment rates. These issues have resulted in many Namibians struggling to survive every day. They however also create an opportunity to rethink our development paradigm.

As a means to deal with the complexity of the lived reality of many Namibians, our presenters have developed creative ways to foster a deeper understanding of how change and transformation could be facilitated. The use of participatory games has proven to be a creative and immersive way to engage students and young people in Namibia to re-imagine how they could engage the challenges of the SDGs.When studying empirical research around simulation games and their use in presenting the complex-nature of systems, the power and function of game rules become notable. Games do not warrant participants to steer systems, but only allow participants to influence them and most importantly,  to explore more options for considering creative and new ways of finding leverage points for bringing about change.

In this webinar, the presenters will share their experience of facilitating games in different settings with us.

Reinhold Mangundu (Progress Namibia Project)
Hans Hangue (Namibian Youth Coalition on Climate Chang
Moderator: Rika Preiser

This webinar will take place online.
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Reinhold Mangundu is currently the coordinator of the Progress Namibia Project. He co-founded the Games for the SDGs initiative, Namibia. Mangundu is pursuing a Masters degree in Sustainable Development through CST. Resilient Waters (USAID) is supporting his research, as it aligns with the program’s objectives to create resilient institutions and communities by exploring and testing innovative practices. Mangundu is particularly interested in exploring the potential of participatory games in helping to prepare young people in making sustainable decisions.

Hans Hangue is the project coordinator of the Namibian Youth Coalition on Climate Change. He is a young and ambitious Namibian activist. He is also a student of Economics hoping that his education helps him get a bigger platform to integrate issues of sustainable development into the development agenda.