CST COLLOQUIUM: Urban nitrogen budgets: Exploring the knowns and the unknowns

Human activities have more than doubled the turnover rates of the global Nitrogen cycle, which is causing significant consequences to ecosystem function, human health, and other biogeochemical cycles such as carbon or phosphorus.

ONLINE BOOK LAUNCH: The Age of Sustainability

The Age of Sustainability: Just Transitions in a Complex World provides an interpretation of the global economic and ecological crisis from a distinct African perspective.

CST WEBINAR SERIES: Developmental Entrepreneurship in Africa: a discussion of the empirical findings of “Sensemaking systems change for entrepreneurship-led development”

While the dominant discourse on African entrepreneurship is about achieving momentum (sustained traction) and maturity (local intensity and density), there are emerging views that locals have a poor sense of control (human agency) in determining the directionality of the future of entrepreneurship

CST WEBINAR SERIES: Financing South Africa energy’s transition (1994 to 2019)

In this webinar the discussants will present work on the sustainability and climate breakdown that highlights an ‘interregnum’ – the tense, uncertain period where old systems are dying but hold firmly to power, while new systems struggle to emerge as dominant.

CST WEBINAR SERIES: Imagining transformative biodiversity futures

In this webinar Laura, Federico and Michelle will lead a short talk followed by a discussion around their recent paper resulting from the Biodiversity Revisited Initiative.

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