Exploring community-based approaches for maintaining rural water supply infrastructure in Namibia

We seek a Masters student to contribute to understanding whether community-based approaches such as the FundiFix model could be applied to Namibia’s context to help improve WASH service delivery in rural areas, improve the sustainability of water supply services, diversify livelihoods, and improve resilience to climate shocks in rural communities. 

Exploring sustainable and just food pathways for future Southern African resilience

We seek a Masters student to contribute to the development of the model by applying it on one or several countries in the southern Africa. This model is currently being tested in several countries around the world (including in South Africa), and the task of this Masters degree will be to apply the same model in one or several countries in Southern Africa depending on interest, data availability and time. 

What Does a Declining Natural World Mean for our Well-Being in Africa?

For decision-makers, a major barrier to tackling the challenge of biodiversity loss on the African continent is the lack of access to global data on biodiversity loss and its impact on people.

Humans need to do better if we’re to avoid ocean system collapse

A new relationship between humanity and the ocean is required to secure the continuity of the diverse life support roles provided by the sea, according to a paper published today (17 July 2020) in Nature Communications.

The complex ocean system requires transformation to sustainability

A new paper prepared by leading experts in support of the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy found that a more adaptive and responsive global ocean governance system could facilitate the transition for ocean stewardship through three key pathways.

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