Amanda Manyani

Supervisors: Prof Reinette (Oonsie) Biggs, Dr Rika Preiser, Dr Lloyd Hill

Field of research

  • Social-ecological systems research
  • Complex adaptive systems
  • Science studies


I am PhD candidate in Sustainable Development, Planning and Management. Through my post-graduate training I have focused on the meaning(s) of nature to urban dwellers, using the bio-cultural diversity lens. Some of the lessons that I have learnt have led me to the current work I am doing in my PhD, as I seek to understand the development of SES research as an approach that assumes that people and nature are inseparable. In my work I lean upon science and technology studies as I borrow the concept of ‘boundary objects’ to examine how SES research has enabled the conventional divide between the natural and social sciences to be bridged, by viewing humans and nature as intertwined phenomena. Furthermore, I utilize the theory of complexity as it offers a potential paradigm shift in how we view the nature of the world and how it has influenced the SES field to integrate the conventionally separate disciplines of natural and social sciences.My research to date has been interdisciplinary and integrative, and I combine extensive desktop and field surveys to address applied and basic research questions.