Reinhold Mangundu

MPhil (Sustainable Development)

Supervisors: Dr. Rika Preiser

Field of research

  • Complexity theory and systems thinking
  • Science studies
  • Trandisciplinary studies


I’m currently pursuing my Mphil in Sustainable Development. I have vast knowledge around sustainability transitions accumulated while pursuing my PGDip in Sustainable Development. During my PGDip, I particularly fell in love with the application of systems language to better comprehend systems behaviour and understand emerging systematic challenges of the Anthropocene. It is in this vein that my research was born.  Being passionate about reimagining education, I seek to explore simulation games as complexity and systems thinking pedagogies for transformative learning. I will capture the experiences of participants through gaming and engage experts in the field of gaming and complexity, to explore whether simulation games can be used as pedagogies for integrating a systems language in local universities of Namibia.

Research topic: Exploring simulation games as complexity and systems thinking tools for transformative learning.