Critical Complexity: Collected Essays by Paul Cilliers

Author(s): Cilliers, P. Editor(s): Preiser, R.
Link to CST author(s): Dr. Rika Preiser
Publication: De Gruyter
Year: 2016
Full reference: Cilliers, P. 2016. Critical Complexity. Collected Essays. Preiser, R. (ed.). Berlin: De Gruyter (Ontos).
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This book is a collection of all the single authored essays by Paul Cilliers, published between 1990-2011. Being one of few authors who approached the study of complexity from a philosophical perspective, the main themes in these papers explore:

– Qualitative characterization of complexity and the normative implications of studying complex adaptive systems,
– the philosophical and conceptual similarity to post-structural approaches
– how any engagement with complexity leads to a critical engagement with how we do science and design interventions
– critical and normative implications for how to engage with complex sociopolitical concerns in the world.

What makes this book unique is that it consolidates a body of work that is distributed over a wide range of academic journals.

Although his book “Complexity and Postmodernism” (Routledge, 1998) remains a cornerstone in the field of complexity studies, Cilliers’ journal essays really explore the application of the theoretical concepts in more depth. His ground-breaking ideas conceptualized in these essays have served as a continual source of novelty and inspiration in the process of applying complexity thinking to other fields of study.

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