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The GRIN Meeting: A ‘third place’ for managers and scholars of social-ecological systems

Roux, D. Clements, H., Currie, B., Fritz, H., Gordon, P., Kruger, N. & Freitag-Ronaldson, S.
Publication: South African Journal of Science
2020 - Journal Articles

The Garden Route Interface and Networking (GRIN) Meeting was initiated in 2017 with the aim of creating a third place for dialogue on, and advancement of, research and practice dealing with the interactions between natural and social systems, and with how those interactions affect the challenge of sustainability. Held in the Garden Route over 3 days during September–October of each year

Exploring resilience capacities with food innovators: a narrative approach

Lindow, M, Preiser, R, and Biggs R.
Publication: Global Sustainability
2020 - Journal Articles

We interviewed grassroots food innovators in South Africa to explore the diverse ways in which their narratives expressed different capacities for resilience, such as dealing with surprise and shaping desirable change. We drew on key resilience themes of rootedness, resourcefulness and resistance (the 3Rs) as lenses through which to view their personal stories and efforts to build resilience and reshape the future. We used narrative and interpretative methods to connect the personal and context-specific experiences of food innovators to the 3Rs, exploring a new approach to uncovering resilience capacities. We suggest that this approach could be usefully employed to understand potential resilience capacities that could help address diverse sustainability challenges around the world.

Imagining transformative biodiversity futures

Wyborn, C; Davila, F.; Pereira, L.; Lim, M.; Alvarez, I.; Henderson, G.; Luers, A.; Harms, M.J.M.; Maze, K.; Montana, J.; Ryan, M.; Sandbrook, C; Shaw, R. & Woods, E.
Publication: Nature Sustainability
2020 - Journal Articles

Biodiversity research is replete with scientific studies depicting future trajectories of decline that have failed to mobilize transformative change. Imagination and creativity can foster new ways to address longstanding problems to create better futures for people and the planet.

The relevance of ecosystem services to land reform policies: Insights from South Africa

Clements, H.S.; De Vos, A.; Bezerra, J.C.; Coetzer, K.; Maciejewski, K.; Mograbib, P.J.; Shackleton, C.
Publication: Land Use Policy
2020 - Journal Articles

In this perspectives paper, we highlight why land reform programmes could benefit from considering ecosystem services in their planning processes, to better achieve their goals of socioeconomic development and equity.

Social capital reduces vulnerability in rural coastal communities of Solomon Islands

Malherbe,W., Sauer, W. and Aswani, S.
Publication: Ocean and Coastal Management
2020 - Journal Articles

This study seeks to measure attributes of social capital in five marine dependent communities of Solomon Islands.